Sunday, April 5, 2009

annoying friends

so i think im getting sick jsut like every body at my work. the past few days ive been tierd beyond belief for no reason. i took an hour nap yestersday then layed in bed for an extra half hour til i was going to be late to meet my friends cuz i jsut had no energy then today ya i had a busy day at work and i had gone to bed at 12 last night but i always go to bed late when with my friends and am never that tierd also i dont think that it was the business of the day cuz ive had busier with less sleep and did jsut finr but today it got so bad that it showed...that should never happen! then when i got home i went outside to read and ended practally asleep so before i got burnt i went inside and took a nap then once my alarm went off i layed in bed for an extra hour and a half. sooooo unnecessarey!!! then i jsut loafed around and will probably go to bed early tonight cuz i jsut have no energy and there is a very strong possibility that i will get called in to work tomorrow cuz there are two people that are supposed to work one has been out sick all weekend and the other is not feeling well and might call in and shes covering for another person so basically im betting on going in to work tomorrow even tho i do believe that it could possibly kill my (not literally but you get the picutre) and after work im resigned to go walking on the trail cuz i want to do that 5 days a week and didnt do that on friday, sat, or sunday so im short a day and i really should not skip days...maybe that is why im so tired i didnt get my workout in so i dont have the energy that comes with that but that doesnt really make that much sense but when did life start making sense??? im not going to lie right now im pretty much hatin life!

so just cuz i feel like venting about this im going to blog it (god that sounds so geekish!) so one of my friends thinks its funny to screw with the games we play by cheating...we all know shes cheating and she knows that we know but she does it any way. well it pisses me off to no end when people cheat im not that compettive but still its annoying cuz they think that they will get a head by doing it but really they are just goin to piss people off! so we were playing uno and i was going to win i jsut needed that friend to play her card and there was no ligit way that she was going to be able to stop me but she tried anyway. she started picking up cards and after about the tenth i figured out what was happening (she wasnt going to play until she drew a draw 4 wild) i know that she had a normal wild in her hand i had seen it several times and she had to ahve encountered a yellow so i told her that she couldnt draw until she found what she wanted but ahd to paly once she got a ligit card (a yellow, wild or what ever number it happened to be) and once she found that F***ing draw 4 wild i was done with it so i said i was done and she was like "why?" i told her that it was cuz she was cheating and she said something like well its not like its agains the rules and i jsut laughed at that and said "if its cheating its against the rules" so she decided that cuz i got annoyed that she was cheating againg she was just goin to go to bed but instead stomped around cleaning the reast of us just ignored her for the reast of the night cuz shes been doing crap like that for a while and we are all really done with it!

another quick thing that really pissed me off but was a bit ago she had been purpossly annoyignme again (which she does a lot) and i retorted and she said "i live butting head with you" and my reaction was friends are not supposed to butt heads and if they do they are not supposed to enjoy it so im like seriously thinking that maybe she just isnot friend material which is a really discusting thought cuz there are a lot of qualities that i like of hers but right now they are getting harder to see.

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