Saturday, April 25, 2009

part one of the birthday fun!

so thrusday after class my friends and i left for santa cruz to spend the day, night, and the next day. we got there later than expected because we were a bit late leaving but whatever we still had fun that right away. we had hit a bit of a buzz kill on the way down though--my redheaded friend was driving highway 49--we hadnt seen the speed change nor did we know we were going through a town (it was smaller than placerville!) so was ended up going 50 through town and so got pulled over by a chp. because we were going camping we had a lot of crap in the back and could not use the rear window and it was also a supprise for one for my friends whos birthday had just passed so she was blind folded--we were going take it off her after a while--but the chp ruined everything! first the natural high--nothing manufactured!--then he told us a story that "wasnt meant to freak us out" but had no other purpose, we also had to take the blindfold off the friend because that would not look right to a cop im sure!, then he had to ruin the supprise by aksing where we were going and what we were it was any of his business and it mattered to the present situation! he started ruining the supprise by aksing striat out if we were going camping...and with all the stuff we had no choice but to say yes, then he asked where we were going and we said it was a supprise for our friend and he just looked at us like "soooooo..." so we had to elobrate and tell him by ruining the supprise completely! dick face!! we went strait ot the beach evern though it was 7 o' clock and the water was freezing we still walked in the water for about 15 minutes then we went to a pier diner...can you say expensive! but i had a delicious meal-lemon basil chicken!!! then we drove to the camp sight--let me tell you in the dark with nothing around you it looked CREAPY!!! then we set up the tent in the dark had a couple smores, plaed a game of cards then went to bed. the next moring we wake up and took a hike to get to the beach--the camp sight was advertised as camping on the beach well there was a beach you just had to do some hiking to get to it--anyway we were standing in the water at 8 in the was cold! my legs started shaking uncontrollably from being so cold and today they are soooooo sore! then after dismantling the camp sight we headed back to the boardwalk did a tad bit of shopping, played mini golf, did some arcade games, went on one ride, then took picutres at the waters edge.

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