Sunday, March 29, 2009

thought about it and figured out how to ask

ok so several weeks ago i asked a question but no one understood it because, i admit, it was hard to follow my train of thought. i really wanted some answers but got none and had not way to fix that because at the time i had done my best to pose the question and after a while i just let it go but recently some things have happened that have really got me wondering and i have figured out a way to make my question less confusing:

first i will start by asking if any of you have made a face as a reaction to what was said but at the time you did not realize that you had made any face at all, it was just an unconscious thing?
so here goes. hope you can follow this better. i must start out by intorducing the key characters (names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved).
Bob: kinda weird in a creapy way
Joe: main dude that might or might not be intrested in the main chick
Jane: main chick who may have screwed up everything
Jannet: mutual friend to Jo and Jane
So Joe and Jane always tease eachother thats just how they are and they have fun but also have serious conversations too. well one day Joe texts Jane and they start talking...they talk all day several days-quite literally all day they he wakes her up and then falls asleep on her. the next time Jannet and Jane see eachother Jannet asks Jane whats happening between Jane and Joe because Joe had texted Jannet confiding in her that he wants to break up with his present girlfriend and then asked for Jane's cell number. Jane is slightly flabbergasted because she was being nieve and jstu thought that he was bored and wanted a new friend to talk to while he was at work nad she wasnt. then Joe kinda stops texting Jane even tho she tries to start conversations he kinda just lets it drop or ignores her completely. Jane has no idea what to think and is so confused and slightly angery until she remembers an insident from a couple months back and wonders if Joe keeps remember this and is also very confused.
Previous insident: Joe and Jane were teaseing eachother like always and also (lovingly) making fun of there friends when Bob comes up and says-out ofthe blue-you two should date! Jane made a face that (to her) said you are such a freak and why would you even suggest that? (to anyone else it was just a disgusted face.
Thinking back on this Jane realizes that Joe would see the face and think that it was a reaction to what was said not who said. so now Jane thinks that Joe might think that she is disgusted at the idea of dating him-which is not ture! Joe never went cold to Jane but just kinda stoped texting her.
But now Joe has been doing some things that make Jane think maybe he dosent think that but what the heck i dont get any of this!!!!
So the question is did Jane screw up potentioal things between her and Joe or do you think Joe realizes what that face was meant to say and that she is possibly intrested?
Hope you followed that better-at least enough to give me some input. thanks

Sunday, March 22, 2009

nothing to say but hey i can ramble

so chemistry is really confusing now! i pretty much had it back in high school but now i hardly even know what is being said in lecture and lab if fine until i have to do the data analysis and i think i have it but then i try it and i really have about fifteen question that i now cannot ask because the next time i will see my instructure the lab will be due. i have never failed a class before and it sucks because i really think that i wont pass this class i may not fail entirely but i probably wont pass. i have a 68% D at the moment and with a test comming up i do not think it will be going up. i just cannot seem to get a hang on what to do. at least classes are past halfway done and i did have a D at the midterm of history and then passsed the class with a B. but i jsut cannot wait until summer vacation is here! speaking of summer it was so crazy friday i was practally ready to get my swim suit on and take a swim but now it is freakin snowing! what the heck! talk about yo-yo! i just realized that one of the shirts that i wore during my senoir portraits im am also wearing now! random but hey thats me. i have absolutely no sefl control when it comes to my whims! that is what does me in and that is why it wont work but i can make myself work out so at least that will happen. so bascially right now i really have nothing to say but i do not think this is long enough yet. im pretty much obsessed with "Another Heart Calls" by AAR right now and "Fall For You" by secondhand senerade both are sooooooo great and hey i get to go to endfest this year most of my friends are going-Alisha just does not know it yet. its for her birthday so we are going to supprise her with it. shes going to be blind folded the whole way down and will have no clue it will be awasome! i think this is long enough now so im going to go try to get chemisrty done.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a problem of the trade

It is nice to come into a resteraunt and sit to eat but how long do you get to keep your table until you should get up and leave so hte resteraunt can sit and serve someone else? obviously you have the time that it takes you to actually order, get, and eat your food but how long after you are done eating do you get to sit?
On average it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to order and get your food. Then it takes about twnety minutes to eat so on average it takes around forty minutes to order, get, and eat your food in a triditional sit-down resteraunt. then after that you need to pay the bill-that is where the waiting happens in most resteraunts but not mine, Sweetie Pies gets the bill to the customer not long after the food is consumed and the plates are cleared at the time of the bill drop. so at Sweetie Pies the bill gets to the customer about forty minutes after they sit down. so how long do the workers allow the customers to sit after they have finished and are paying?
for a hostess this can be a very complicated question because i need that table to sit the people that are on a list up fornt and waiting outside for a seat but i cannot just ask the peopel at the table to leave, aside from beign rude it could lose the server some tip money and it could lose us a customer.
so if you have a half hour waiting list and there are people that have been sitting for an hour and a half or longer-everythhing is cleared off the table aside form the trash that was not on the plate-what do you do?
if the list is not that long then it is no problem but if there are a lot of people waiting then wouldnt you try nto to hold up the table too long? All the customers we get on busy days know we have a wait list becuase they were on it for some time. so if that was you sitting at our table on a busy day would you be so discourtous as to sit for two hours while there was a half hor waiting list we sure as heck hope not!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


dude i have had a couple crazy days thursday after classes i went out with my friends and stayed up til 2 then went to work which was unbarably slow-freakin economy!!!- so that did not wake me up as i had hoped it would but then again it also did not wear me out either so i guess it was ok. either way i took a long nap when i got home after trying to eat my eggplant sandwich (which was gross cuz the eggplant was turning) then i went out with my friends- i really need to learn to say no to them cuz neither night helped my cold in hte least!-and again stayed up til 2 then went to work the next morning but today we were busy-well not really but it was hectic. any way like half way through lunch the cook told us not to do any more eggplant sandwiches and i told him that mine (yesterday) had been gross and he said he didnt want to make it for me but did cuz he thought that i would have asked for something more complicated-little dick! any way now im home i took another nap nad i cannot wake up to save my life i think my colds kicking me in the butt as punishment for the last two nights.