Sunday, March 22, 2009

nothing to say but hey i can ramble

so chemistry is really confusing now! i pretty much had it back in high school but now i hardly even know what is being said in lecture and lab if fine until i have to do the data analysis and i think i have it but then i try it and i really have about fifteen question that i now cannot ask because the next time i will see my instructure the lab will be due. i have never failed a class before and it sucks because i really think that i wont pass this class i may not fail entirely but i probably wont pass. i have a 68% D at the moment and with a test comming up i do not think it will be going up. i just cannot seem to get a hang on what to do. at least classes are past halfway done and i did have a D at the midterm of history and then passsed the class with a B. but i jsut cannot wait until summer vacation is here! speaking of summer it was so crazy friday i was practally ready to get my swim suit on and take a swim but now it is freakin snowing! what the heck! talk about yo-yo! i just realized that one of the shirts that i wore during my senoir portraits im am also wearing now! random but hey thats me. i have absolutely no sefl control when it comes to my whims! that is what does me in and that is why it wont work but i can make myself work out so at least that will happen. so bascially right now i really have nothing to say but i do not think this is long enough yet. im pretty much obsessed with "Another Heart Calls" by AAR right now and "Fall For You" by secondhand senerade both are sooooooo great and hey i get to go to endfest this year most of my friends are going-Alisha just does not know it yet. its for her birthday so we are going to supprise her with it. shes going to be blind folded the whole way down and will have no clue it will be awasome! i think this is long enough now so im going to go try to get chemisrty done.

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  1. I agree with your yo-yo comment regarding the weather! Much of the time I enjoy Northern California well enough, but I do hate the times of year that can't decide what season it is going to be. If it's going to rain, fine, then I will have an umbrella, but then it shouldn't suddenly be hot while I am wearing long sleeves. We live in the bi-polar part of this state!