Saturday, March 7, 2009


dude i have had a couple crazy days thursday after classes i went out with my friends and stayed up til 2 then went to work which was unbarably slow-freakin economy!!!- so that did not wake me up as i had hoped it would but then again it also did not wear me out either so i guess it was ok. either way i took a long nap when i got home after trying to eat my eggplant sandwich (which was gross cuz the eggplant was turning) then i went out with my friends- i really need to learn to say no to them cuz neither night helped my cold in hte least!-and again stayed up til 2 then went to work the next morning but today we were busy-well not really but it was hectic. any way like half way through lunch the cook told us not to do any more eggplant sandwiches and i told him that mine (yesterday) had been gross and he said he didnt want to make it for me but did cuz he thought that i would have asked for something more complicated-little dick! any way now im home i took another nap nad i cannot wake up to save my life i think my colds kicking me in the butt as punishment for the last two nights.


  1. I really enjoy vegetarian sandwiches, but I hate eggplant. The texture is too weird for me

  2. mmm eggplant and tofu is the best combination =D i do as well, hate the texture.