Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crisis/ Annoying

why will people tell themselves that they can keep a secret from the ones they love? espically if that secret is a personal crisis of theirs? the day that the crisis is rearin its head more then usual or a big part of the crisis is comming to play that day the person is going to tell someone. even if the reason for not telling them is too keep them from worring the person with a crisis will need to confide in someone. it could all be saved by confiding in someone from the start and being able to talk to that person when it gets tough but if your cut off from that person youll tell the next closest person thats available. it causes worry even if there is no certain reason to worry.
One another note entirely people were sooooo crabby today. the rain brings people into restraunts but really if your not going to be polite-to the workers or other customers- then you should just stay home because if your rude or stubborn then you could be making someone else mad which will jsut give the servers another badtempered customer. ya the ecconomy is bad and we need customers but if your jsut going to be rude and make our days hell then stay at home. we would rather be slow then had a bad day. also if your not having a good day dont go out and break down in the freakin restraunt! and if you do happen to break down in the restraunt then be aware of when they close so you arent the last person in there just sitting on a table, that we want to clean, while bawling your eyes out its just embarassing for you and annoying to us!

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  1. The first part of your blog sounded intriguing, but I couldnb't really understand what you were trying to say :o(