Sunday, February 22, 2009

can anything go right today?

so peru is kinda a lost cause. I got side tracked with a personal problem that was poorly explained but needed to be phrased in a question because i do not know what happened and i am confused. but what ever. i love the rain i was gonna go outside today after i got home form work and do my homework in the rain but then i realized that wont work because paper and rain do not really mix well but i couldnt just go out and rest in the rain because i have sooooooooooo much homework to do and no time to do it i now realize that i should not have taken all of friday off from homework to spend with my firends but they are important too. my friend is in one of her dumb moods. she is sooo the dumbest smart person that i know she always takes and passes the advanced classes but cant figure out how to give detail about something she loves. like really what the heck! dude today was one of those days that nothing could go right no matter what you did it was fantastic my dad woke me up 15 minutes before i had to be at work and we live 15 minutes away so i flew unfortunately it took me 10 minutes to get ready and i was raining so i should have gone slower this morning but i made a 15 minute trip a 10 minute trip and that was only because i got behind two really really slow people. otherwise i probably could have made it a 7-8 minute drive (and yes those 3-2 minutes count! its my job) the only thing that went right today was that i actually was not really needed for another half an hour but what ever! then at work i was droping and spilling Luckly nothing broke nor did i still anything on a customer! then i went to the stoor after work and two steps inside the door i fall flat on my a**.

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  1. I thought it was funny when you said your friend was the "dumbest smart person" you know. I have known many people like that. In particular, they have been people that have had a lot of book smarts but no social smarts. I guess everyone knows those kinds of people.