Saturday, April 25, 2009

part one of the birthday fun!

so thrusday after class my friends and i left for santa cruz to spend the day, night, and the next day. we got there later than expected because we were a bit late leaving but whatever we still had fun that right away. we had hit a bit of a buzz kill on the way down though--my redheaded friend was driving highway 49--we hadnt seen the speed change nor did we know we were going through a town (it was smaller than placerville!) so was ended up going 50 through town and so got pulled over by a chp. because we were going camping we had a lot of crap in the back and could not use the rear window and it was also a supprise for one for my friends whos birthday had just passed so she was blind folded--we were going take it off her after a while--but the chp ruined everything! first the natural high--nothing manufactured!--then he told us a story that "wasnt meant to freak us out" but had no other purpose, we also had to take the blindfold off the friend because that would not look right to a cop im sure!, then he had to ruin the supprise by aksing where we were going and what we were it was any of his business and it mattered to the present situation! he started ruining the supprise by aksing striat out if we were going camping...and with all the stuff we had no choice but to say yes, then he asked where we were going and we said it was a supprise for our friend and he just looked at us like "soooooo..." so we had to elobrate and tell him by ruining the supprise completely! dick face!! we went strait ot the beach evern though it was 7 o' clock and the water was freezing we still walked in the water for about 15 minutes then we went to a pier diner...can you say expensive! but i had a delicious meal-lemon basil chicken!!! then we drove to the camp sight--let me tell you in the dark with nothing around you it looked CREAPY!!! then we set up the tent in the dark had a couple smores, plaed a game of cards then went to bed. the next moring we wake up and took a hike to get to the beach--the camp sight was advertised as camping on the beach well there was a beach you just had to do some hiking to get to it--anyway we were standing in the water at 8 in the was cold! my legs started shaking uncontrollably from being so cold and today they are soooooo sore! then after dismantling the camp sight we headed back to the boardwalk did a tad bit of shopping, played mini golf, did some arcade games, went on one ride, then took picutres at the waters edge.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Irony and i have a love hate relationship!

so i really dont know what to say. i dont know if we were supposed to do a blog last week on spring break but i did just in case. so for those of you that dont know i work at Sweetie Pies and yesterday (that would be saturday) we opened the patio (the down stairs) and it got crazy. we werent busy but who ever was on the patio was jsut hectic and on saturday we had a weekday girl covering and she was a bit off her she says and i believe her cuz she was needing a lot of help and we really were notbusy at all so i dont know what was happening there. then today we were hectic againg cuz we have to now run up and down the stairs. o geez yesterday i was the only one taking tables...cuz we were so slow...and there were two mimosa glasses in the down stairs bus tub. and we dont have many of those left because they keep breaking so to keep these two form breaking i took them out (cuz i was a fraid i would cursh them with a heavey plate) then i started up the stairs with them to bring them striat to the dishwashers. i always take the stairs tow at a time because thats jsut how i am and it is too slow otherwise. so i was going up the stairs with the glasses then my extra long foot caught on one of the stairs and i fell. i threw out one of my hands to break my fall-which didnt work too well anyway-but what was in my had? of course i had one glass in each hand even though i can carry about 5 empty mimosa glasses in one hand. any way i fell and threw out a hand-that was holding a glass-to break my fall and snapped the neck to the glass that i was carring up the stairs so it wouldnt break in the bus tub...thats what you ccall irony!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

so its easter sunday. i had to wake up hecka early to go to church but that was ok cuz i like never get to go to church anymore cuz im always working. anyway i thought today was going to be kinda a bad one because my parents started fighting before we they had even been awake 2 hrs. (my mom gets really stressed around holidays, i think because she puts too much pressure on her herself to make it the perfect holiday when it doesent have to be flawless just enjoyable which it rarely turns out to be for her becuase she stressed too much and did not get enough thanks.) then after church (which made the day a bit better because my mom got to hear/sing her favorite hymn in church) teh stoor we needed to go to was closed and we needed more toys (more cousins were coming then we thought would be able to and we didnt get a message until last night but didnot know that there was a message until this morning). but it all worked out and the day kept getting better and my mom said that she had a pretty ok day (which being a holiday is pretty fantastic). i got to have some major quality time with cousins (both new, babies, and old) and we even had a really funny baseball game. ---we were using hulla hoops for bases adn one of the younger ones kept steeling first (literally). he even did it to his day who was on his own team it was pretty fantastic! then another cousin got my dads metal detector out and swore that we had gold in our yard and was going to find it...he almost passed up the easter egg hunt to countinue looking. anyway it was an all around good day and im done cuz i really didnt want to end my day with this but wasnt sure if i needed to do one so hope you all had a good easter and good night.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

annoying friends

so i think im getting sick jsut like every body at my work. the past few days ive been tierd beyond belief for no reason. i took an hour nap yestersday then layed in bed for an extra half hour til i was going to be late to meet my friends cuz i jsut had no energy then today ya i had a busy day at work and i had gone to bed at 12 last night but i always go to bed late when with my friends and am never that tierd also i dont think that it was the business of the day cuz ive had busier with less sleep and did jsut finr but today it got so bad that it showed...that should never happen! then when i got home i went outside to read and ended practally asleep so before i got burnt i went inside and took a nap then once my alarm went off i layed in bed for an extra hour and a half. sooooo unnecessarey!!! then i jsut loafed around and will probably go to bed early tonight cuz i jsut have no energy and there is a very strong possibility that i will get called in to work tomorrow cuz there are two people that are supposed to work one has been out sick all weekend and the other is not feeling well and might call in and shes covering for another person so basically im betting on going in to work tomorrow even tho i do believe that it could possibly kill my (not literally but you get the picutre) and after work im resigned to go walking on the trail cuz i want to do that 5 days a week and didnt do that on friday, sat, or sunday so im short a day and i really should not skip days...maybe that is why im so tired i didnt get my workout in so i dont have the energy that comes with that but that doesnt really make that much sense but when did life start making sense??? im not going to lie right now im pretty much hatin life!

so just cuz i feel like venting about this im going to blog it (god that sounds so geekish!) so one of my friends thinks its funny to screw with the games we play by cheating...we all know shes cheating and she knows that we know but she does it any way. well it pisses me off to no end when people cheat im not that compettive but still its annoying cuz they think that they will get a head by doing it but really they are just goin to piss people off! so we were playing uno and i was going to win i jsut needed that friend to play her card and there was no ligit way that she was going to be able to stop me but she tried anyway. she started picking up cards and after about the tenth i figured out what was happening (she wasnt going to play until she drew a draw 4 wild) i know that she had a normal wild in her hand i had seen it several times and she had to ahve encountered a yellow so i told her that she couldnt draw until she found what she wanted but ahd to paly once she got a ligit card (a yellow, wild or what ever number it happened to be) and once she found that F***ing draw 4 wild i was done with it so i said i was done and she was like "why?" i told her that it was cuz she was cheating and she said something like well its not like its agains the rules and i jsut laughed at that and said "if its cheating its against the rules" so she decided that cuz i got annoyed that she was cheating againg she was just goin to go to bed but instead stomped around cleaning the reast of us just ignored her for the reast of the night cuz shes been doing crap like that for a while and we are all really done with it!

another quick thing that really pissed me off but was a bit ago she had been purpossly annoyignme again (which she does a lot) and i retorted and she said "i live butting head with you" and my reaction was friends are not supposed to butt heads and if they do they are not supposed to enjoy it so im like seriously thinking that maybe she just isnot friend material which is a really discusting thought cuz there are a lot of qualities that i like of hers but right now they are getting harder to see.