Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

so its easter sunday. i had to wake up hecka early to go to church but that was ok cuz i like never get to go to church anymore cuz im always working. anyway i thought today was going to be kinda a bad one because my parents started fighting before we they had even been awake 2 hrs. (my mom gets really stressed around holidays, i think because she puts too much pressure on her herself to make it the perfect holiday when it doesent have to be flawless just enjoyable which it rarely turns out to be for her becuase she stressed too much and did not get enough thanks.) then after church (which made the day a bit better because my mom got to hear/sing her favorite hymn in church) teh stoor we needed to go to was closed and we needed more toys (more cousins were coming then we thought would be able to and we didnt get a message until last night but didnot know that there was a message until this morning). but it all worked out and the day kept getting better and my mom said that she had a pretty ok day (which being a holiday is pretty fantastic). i got to have some major quality time with cousins (both new, babies, and old) and we even had a really funny baseball game. ---we were using hulla hoops for bases adn one of the younger ones kept steeling first (literally). he even did it to his day who was on his own team it was pretty fantastic! then another cousin got my dads metal detector out and swore that we had gold in our yard and was going to find it...he almost passed up the easter egg hunt to countinue looking. anyway it was an all around good day and im done cuz i really didnt want to end my day with this but wasnt sure if i needed to do one so hope you all had a good easter and good night.

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