Sunday, April 19, 2009

Irony and i have a love hate relationship!

so i really dont know what to say. i dont know if we were supposed to do a blog last week on spring break but i did just in case. so for those of you that dont know i work at Sweetie Pies and yesterday (that would be saturday) we opened the patio (the down stairs) and it got crazy. we werent busy but who ever was on the patio was jsut hectic and on saturday we had a weekday girl covering and she was a bit off her she says and i believe her cuz she was needing a lot of help and we really were notbusy at all so i dont know what was happening there. then today we were hectic againg cuz we have to now run up and down the stairs. o geez yesterday i was the only one taking tables...cuz we were so slow...and there were two mimosa glasses in the down stairs bus tub. and we dont have many of those left because they keep breaking so to keep these two form breaking i took them out (cuz i was a fraid i would cursh them with a heavey plate) then i started up the stairs with them to bring them striat to the dishwashers. i always take the stairs tow at a time because thats jsut how i am and it is too slow otherwise. so i was going up the stairs with the glasses then my extra long foot caught on one of the stairs and i fell. i threw out one of my hands to break my fall-which didnt work too well anyway-but what was in my had? of course i had one glass in each hand even though i can carry about 5 empty mimosa glasses in one hand. any way i fell and threw out a hand-that was holding a glass-to break my fall and snapped the neck to the glass that i was carring up the stairs so it wouldnt break in the bus tub...thats what you ccall irony!

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