Sunday, May 3, 2009

almost done

heck ya school is almost out! i cannot wait! so basically i have nothing to say but have to do this anyway. at work we've been planning to have a staff meeting for about two months now but it keeps getting put off or just not scheduled then there was supposed to be one not last thursday but the thursday before but no one could make it so it was rescheduled to next week (last thursday) but that just didnt happen for whatever reason so now it is supposed to be this wednesday. we need another server but ive been there (as a counter girl) for two years and everyone (including me) has talked to the boss to just get me promoted and hire two counter girls but im thinking that she is just going to hisr another server and one counter girl (cuz my counterpart is quiting cuz she has another job) well now that i think about it we are going to need two servers cuz our maneger is leaving to go on a world trip or something and we also need another baker because one of ours is going into the marine corps so we actually need a lot of people we also might need another cook because one of our cooks got her hours changed-for whatever reason it actually makes very little sence-so we need like someone for every position. anyway i hope that i get bumped up to server and we hire two new countergirls then during the winter i might able to stay on as a server but if i cant i will happily go back to being a counter girl for the winter. i hope this is long enough cuz im done peace out!