Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crisis/ Annoying

why will people tell themselves that they can keep a secret from the ones they love? espically if that secret is a personal crisis of theirs? the day that the crisis is rearin its head more then usual or a big part of the crisis is comming to play that day the person is going to tell someone. even if the reason for not telling them is too keep them from worring the person with a crisis will need to confide in someone. it could all be saved by confiding in someone from the start and being able to talk to that person when it gets tough but if your cut off from that person youll tell the next closest person thats available. it causes worry even if there is no certain reason to worry.
One another note entirely people were sooooo crabby today. the rain brings people into restraunts but really if your not going to be polite-to the workers or other customers- then you should just stay home because if your rude or stubborn then you could be making someone else mad which will jsut give the servers another badtempered customer. ya the ecconomy is bad and we need customers but if your jsut going to be rude and make our days hell then stay at home. we would rather be slow then had a bad day. also if your not having a good day dont go out and break down in the freakin restraunt! and if you do happen to break down in the restraunt then be aware of when they close so you arent the last person in there just sitting on a table, that we want to clean, while bawling your eyes out its just embarassing for you and annoying to us!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

can anything go right today?

so peru is kinda a lost cause. I got side tracked with a personal problem that was poorly explained but needed to be phrased in a question because i do not know what happened and i am confused. but what ever. i love the rain i was gonna go outside today after i got home form work and do my homework in the rain but then i realized that wont work because paper and rain do not really mix well but i couldnt just go out and rest in the rain because i have sooooooooooo much homework to do and no time to do it i now realize that i should not have taken all of friday off from homework to spend with my firends but they are important too. my friend is in one of her dumb moods. she is sooo the dumbest smart person that i know she always takes and passes the advanced classes but cant figure out how to give detail about something she loves. like really what the heck! dude today was one of those days that nothing could go right no matter what you did it was fantastic my dad woke me up 15 minutes before i had to be at work and we live 15 minutes away so i flew unfortunately it took me 10 minutes to get ready and i was raining so i should have gone slower this morning but i made a 15 minute trip a 10 minute trip and that was only because i got behind two really really slow people. otherwise i probably could have made it a 7-8 minute drive (and yes those 3-2 minutes count! its my job) the only thing that went right today was that i actually was not really needed for another half an hour but what ever! then at work i was droping and spilling Luckly nothing broke nor did i still anything on a customer! then i went to the stoor after work and two steps inside the door i fall flat on my a**.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peru on hold...did i screw everything up?

so where were we? o ya we were still just getting there but dont worry we have an infinite amount of time to get and spend there. so we met interesting people on the way and none tried to kill us...or did they that would make for an exciting story to tell the people back home! we' ll think on that! any way we finally made it to peru. ive always wanted to just wander around a foregin place and see the sights but we are going to have a native friend there so we can follow the most important rule-SAFETY FIRST! so ive been told that there are some intense parties we are definately going to hit those up! our friend will know all the hot spots which means that we wont get too much sleep.
sorry but i have to side bar because i have a question that is needing answered and it has nothing to do with Peru! so have you ever just had an innocent conversation with someone-joking, getting to know them and them getting to know you better- and then later be told be a mutual friend that the person you had been talking too asked for advice about breaking up with their current girlfriend/boyfriend and then ask that same friend for your number-not totally in the same conversation but not hours later. Did you then have this mutual friend tell you about their conversation with the first person (the gf/bf...your # conversation) and later did you go back and look through the conversation you had with the first person because the mutual friend was making their findings quite clear? did you then remember a previous conversation where it was suggested (by someone that is kind of like a creapy wierd) that the two of you (you and the first person person) should go out nad you made a weird-discussed- face, not because of the idea of going out with the first person but the idea given by the weird guy? and did you then realize that every time the first person might be thinking of possibly asking you out they remember the face you made at the idea and think it was directed at the idea of dating them not the person who made the suggestion and you think that might be why the first person has not asked you out yet? i really hope that made sence to someone and can help me on it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peru interests me.

Peru seems to be an interesting place...well at least form this distance. ive always wanted to go there so im going there. the first thing we need to decide is how to get there. we could walk/hich-hike, bike, drive, (once we get to the ocean) swim, hang-glide, or fly. well im definately not flying thats boring. i think i will walk, hich-hike, and possibly bike a bit. soooooo many people seem to do those three things here in p-ville so why deny where im from and be like my town folk? some of you might discourage hich-hiking but im not living a horror movie-which really does not change anything, people are creapy freaks. i immagine the only people that would pick me up are people i know, people that are very very religious, people that might need a soft room with a jacket, or people that belong behind bars...and not the kind you drink at. hopefully i get picked up by the first, or third types because teh very religious people would not be much fun i think and those that belong behind bars well i thinks that ones obvious why i wouldnot want them to pick me up. and i dont think normal people that dont know me would pick me up because they dont know what i might do and they have the sensibility to think of such things. but hopefully i would seem an unincumbering (sp???) figure im normal sized, normal looking, clean looking, and a girl--which actually does matter in these types of circumstances. i just realized that i might need a map...i dont know how to get there and i cannot rely on the people that pick me up to know because not all of them will, some might but not all.