Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peru on hold...did i screw everything up?

so where were we? o ya we were still just getting there but dont worry we have an infinite amount of time to get and spend there. so we met interesting people on the way and none tried to kill us...or did they that would make for an exciting story to tell the people back home! we' ll think on that! any way we finally made it to peru. ive always wanted to just wander around a foregin place and see the sights but we are going to have a native friend there so we can follow the most important rule-SAFETY FIRST! so ive been told that there are some intense parties we are definately going to hit those up! our friend will know all the hot spots which means that we wont get too much sleep.
sorry but i have to side bar because i have a question that is needing answered and it has nothing to do with Peru! so have you ever just had an innocent conversation with someone-joking, getting to know them and them getting to know you better- and then later be told be a mutual friend that the person you had been talking too asked for advice about breaking up with their current girlfriend/boyfriend and then ask that same friend for your number-not totally in the same conversation but not hours later. Did you then have this mutual friend tell you about their conversation with the first person (the gf/bf...your # conversation) and later did you go back and look through the conversation you had with the first person because the mutual friend was making their findings quite clear? did you then remember a previous conversation where it was suggested (by someone that is kind of like a creapy wierd) that the two of you (you and the first person person) should go out nad you made a weird-discussed- face, not because of the idea of going out with the first person but the idea given by the weird guy? and did you then realize that every time the first person might be thinking of possibly asking you out they remember the face you made at the idea and think it was directed at the idea of dating them not the person who made the suggestion and you think that might be why the first person has not asked you out yet? i really hope that made sence to someone and can help me on it.

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  1. Hmmm, unfortunately, I wasn't able to follow that train of questioning.