Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peru interests me.

Peru seems to be an interesting place...well at least form this distance. ive always wanted to go there so im going there. the first thing we need to decide is how to get there. we could walk/hich-hike, bike, drive, (once we get to the ocean) swim, hang-glide, or fly. well im definately not flying thats boring. i think i will walk, hich-hike, and possibly bike a bit. soooooo many people seem to do those three things here in p-ville so why deny where im from and be like my town folk? some of you might discourage hich-hiking but im not living a horror movie-which really does not change anything, people are creapy freaks. i immagine the only people that would pick me up are people i know, people that are very very religious, people that might need a soft room with a jacket, or people that belong behind bars...and not the kind you drink at. hopefully i get picked up by the first, or third types because teh very religious people would not be much fun i think and those that belong behind bars well i thinks that ones obvious why i wouldnot want them to pick me up. and i dont think normal people that dont know me would pick me up because they dont know what i might do and they have the sensibility to think of such things. but hopefully i would seem an unincumbering (sp???) figure im normal sized, normal looking, clean looking, and a girl--which actually does matter in these types of circumstances. i just realized that i might need a map...i dont know how to get there and i cannot rely on the people that pick me up to know because not all of them will, some might but not all.

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  1. I don't know what that had to do with Peru, but okay. I once met a guy (he was our group's tour guide in Oahu, Hawaii) who had hitchhiked through every state in the United States. Hawaii was his last state and he decided to stay for a while. He said he was never pickedup by anyone creepy or bad - all nice people. Still, he didn't suggest hitchhiking for the faint of heart because he said there are really long periods of time, sometimes in the extreme cold, when there is no one around. Personally, it doesn't appeal to me.