Thursday, January 29, 2009

So this episode of supernatural was the third after the winter break making it the 13th episode of the 4th season...which is my favorite season thus far.
so basically what just happened?: sam and dean returned to a high school that they had attended in their youth (for about a month) to sort out a murder that was sounding like a posession but wasnt. (i wont give away all the important info cuz i hate it when people ruin books, movies, and shows for me and i would never dream of doing that to anyone...even if you ask me to!)
i liked how the girl was able to get to the soul of dean in just around a month making him seem not so much the cool guy he acts to be meanwhile geeky sam is being praised as the cool kid-what a turn around!
Pretty much i had difficulty holding in my laughter, seeing as both my parents were asleep in the same room as i was while watching and i did not wish to wake them, i was pretty much on the verge of cracking up when the flash backs to the "old school days" happened...the dude playing dean was fabulous and looked much better then the real teenaged Jensen Ackles (sadly).any way i loved the paralles put in between the teen dean and the present-day dean in regards to wanting to protect sammy.
Now next week looks to also be a funny one in which dean and sam are pit against eachother because of the workings of a temptress. no doubt dean will bring a great laugh to this episode. til next week

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  1. Episode summaries of a TV show will not count towards the blog for English 300. You need to be writing original blogs about your thoughts and observations about life, current events, school, etc., not simply describing the creativity of someone else (TV creators).